VAN DALEN METALS - speciale weegbrug (engelse tekst)

VAN DALEN METALS - speciale weegbrug (engelse tekst)

The Sector

Metal recycling

The Company

The Dutch company, Van Dalen Metals Recycling & Trading, is one of the top companies in the collection and processing of ferrous and non ferrous metals. Established in 1947, it boasts 15 factories in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium. As a result of its conspicuous investments in systems and equipment, it has built a solid reputation as the supplier of an ample range of recycled steels with different levels of qualities for applications in leading steelworks in Europe.

The Solution

The system created at the Hartlepool Docks (UK) factory was set up with a mod. Eurodeck 15 m long – 50 t raised weighbridge with up/down ramps.
The solution in question is used to weigh each vehicle as well as to handle computerised data using a D800 terminal connected to a PC.
The system was completed with a SAFEWEIGH- a system used to check for traces of radioactivity. Positioned at inlet, it checks all the vehicles in transit that deliver metals for processing.
SAFEWEIGH has been integrated with WINWEIGH management software. It interfaces with an approved D800 weighting terminal, which is used to record and manage events.


  • Metals are automatically checked at inlet; an alarm instantly warns of the presence of loads on vehicles with traces of radioactive parts, to ensure that only high quality materials are received,
  • Material weight check upon delivery and integration with the company’s management software,
  • Weight management using a computer and remote control service with “remote assistance” to ensure process continuity.           


Weightron (UK) Installation – Bilanciai Group